Saturday, February 07, 2009

Things I'm Proud Of.

Mundane (non-SCA)

1. Moving to a foreign country.
2. Not having chickened out from doing so at the Airport in Denver.
3. Or San Francisco.
4. Or Hong Kong.
5. Or Bangkok.
6. Not having chickened out still.
7. Having graduated from college despite my best efforts.
8. Having graduated from High School despite my best efforts.
9. Having finally gotten a job that was both wholly on my own and related to a career I want (in a foreign country no less).
10. The sheer number of people I've defined the phrase 'tea-bagging' too.
11. Including my mom.
12. Who then had to know it for work. That was one of the funniest moments of my life.
13. That I have grown up enough that I can have fun with my family (extended).
14. That I have become the kind of person my parents are proud of, and would like even were I not related to them. I think.
15. That I currently have about 400 dollars in savings. For the first time like...ever.
16. That I have the courage and the intelligence to make this crazy stupid brilliant plan of mine for the next year+ work out. So far.

Much more.


1. That when I entered the SCA I said it was going to be the one (and now the first of several) aspect of my life that I would have no regrets about. And I don't.
2. That having been in for under four full years I was a serious competitor for Baron of Unser Hafen.
3. That I watched the Barony I love beat itself up and helped, in a very small way, it pull itself back. And choose a great Baron and Baroness, not that there were any bad choices this time. The issues Unser Hafen faced are universal; its' success at them is not.
4. That at age 20 I was a councilor to people much older, and that my opinions were taken seriously in a group of much older and more successful people.
5. That when I got my Silver Tyne, the only person who got more applause was Mistress Bri being offered her Peilican. This is a greedy, selfish one, but I was genuinely shocked and honored by it.
6. That I'm the first (as far as I know) non-native Caer Galenite Dancing Monkey. And it got me on Youtube.
7. That I continually find myself in households and companies and Baronies of intelligent, honorable people who all come together not for any kind of plan or political benefit, but because we enjoy eachother's company. By last count I have the populace badge of four Baronies and now two Kingdoms, am at least an honorary member of four households, and have friends in six Kingdoms.

And much much more.


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  1. I would like you much better if you got a webcam and onto Skype! Just kidding. Although I miss you tremendously I'm very proud of you. I do like spending time with you. That's why I miss you so much. Take care, get a webcam, and keep posting. Love you.


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