Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mood: Anxious

At this point I am in the phase where I am pretty much just plowing forward toward my trip, because if I stop and think about what I'm doing I'll freak out. For those of you stumbling on this I'm moving to Bangkok, Thailand (my plane leaves in about 30 hours). I've been out of the country but never lived outside of Denver.

I said in High School that I wanted to travel abroad, see the world and all of that but I'm finding it is infinitely more terrifying to be faced with that prospect than to talk about it. Everyone I spoke to loved Thailand, or at least thought it was fascinating. But at the same time I'm leaving my family, my whole support network and everyone I know physically as well as distancing myself from all of my online friends temporally; Bangkok is 14 hours ahead of Mountain time, at least when we are not on DST.

Still there is little that I can do but go forward. If I stop now I'll probably regret it forever, and always wonder what would have happened if I'd tried it. If I end up back in a month or two broke but wiser then at least I can look myself in the eye later.

So welcome to the blog. As you can see I haven't posted much to it in the past (my prior comments to this are four years old). But this is your home for general Matt and Uji related news, updated frequently and (with hope) interestingly.