Saturday, February 07, 2009

Strange, and Awesome

I'm really spoiling you all with three posts in 24 hours, but this one is too awesome to ignore. I was surfing, which will ruin your life by making you surf it all your waking hours, and came across the trope of 'Everything's Better with Penguins', about the inclusion of Penguins in film and television media, etc. At the bottom is the 'Real Life' section. I follow a link, and bam:

Norwegian soldiers of the King's Guard at Edinburgh Zoo, saluting a Penguin. And you know what, you damn well better salute that penguin. That is Sir Nils Olav, who was made a knight by King Olav V. And that insignia on his arm: He's a Colonel.

As Wikipedia notes unironically: He is the first penguin to receive such an honour in the Norwegian Army.

So salute! You're viewing a Knight of Norway, Colonel-in-Chief of the King's Guards.

Also, for the SCA folks, you think he showed Knightly Quality? I think he's just a hot stick.


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