Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Breaks, and the Honkies Who Can't Buy Them

Me and Doctor House are like this. Why, you ask? Why we're both cane wielding maniacs who like pain killers. Or at least will like pain killers as soon as I can get my hands on them. Yes, honky just can't buy a break this month as I move from being ill in the stomach to having my gout act up. Hopefully I'm using up my whole quotient as it is a pain to do all the walking I like to do here to lose weight when I'm limping, and cursing with every step.

Fortunately most of the teachers at my school are fairly well convinced that I can get not just alopurinol (anti-gout) but bloody Vicodin over the counter here in the Kingdom. Which I must say would be awesome. I mean easy to come by almost morphine in a Kingdom that really isn't thrilled with heroin just strikes me as delicious irony. And thus ends the Paragraph of Sentences That Will Concern my Mother. For now.

I'm hoping that this will conclude my period of suck and I can get back to having a relatively pain/sickness free existence here. Not that these things wouldn't happen in Denver, of course, but as long as I'm in a still new and exciting place I would prefer my thoughts not be solely concerned with where the nearest facilities are or how much pain I'm in.



  1. Uji,
    I am sorry your are in so much pain, so far away from home. I hope you feel better soon. EllaAnne

  2. Uji,
    I am sorry your are in so much pain, so far away from home. I hope you feel better soon. EllaAnne

  3. I'd make sure getting vicodine OTC is legal. I'm under the impression that the Thai's throw foreigners who have drugs they shouldn't have into jail with great zeal. Good luck with everything.

  4. Dear Matthew,

    I suppose that exalting over the immediate availability of vicodin might send the wrong message, nevertheless.....

    Hope you feel better soon. And, while you are obtaining anti-gout medicine you should find a GP, and get a prescription for synthroid, yes?



  5. Dear Matthew,

    I am bravely going to try and post a .jpg of your diploma for the whole world to admire. If this doesn't work I will expect you to post an image of same from the file I sent you.


    OK, I give up. Copy and paste does not appear to be the way to accomplish this, import / export failed miserably, and I am left feeling like a techno-peasant. Damn new technologies.

    I was going to post both the diploma and a picture from Ann showing the two us at graduation. Feel free to do this for me, as you have both, or send detailed instructions on how I might do so.


    Your frustrated boomer parent


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