Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Look Out Be-Lao

By the time most of you read this Rontu and I will be on a 2nd Class Sleeper train bound for Nong Khai, the Thai town across the Mekong River from Laos. It is a 12 hour trip to Nong Khai approximately, taking us to the North-East of Thailand. From there I take a bus to Thai Immigration (Exit), then to Laos Immigration (Enter), and then take a tuk-tuk (three wheel open air taxi) for about twenty minutes into Vientiane. All told this costs me about 27 dollars (23 for the train ticket, 2 for the bus, 2 for the taxi). So...54 dollars round trip, plus another thirty for the hotel. My total cost for board and transport is then about 84 dollars to get to a foreign country and stay for a couple of days. Not too shabby.

I'll post info about Laos either when I get back or, if possible, while I'm there. Until then,


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  1. Dear Matthew,

    Rontu? Really?

    That has to go in the book as well. I am beginning to envision a travel book - with pictures of Rontu in various exotic locales. One with Rontu being blessed by a buddhist monk, one with Rontu visiting the Crown Prince, etc.




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