Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mission Accomplished! (Heh)

As odd as it is to say it, it is the truth: I'm an Elementary School Teacher. I'll be teaching English to students grades 1, 2 and 3 at Glory International School in the Bangna community of Bangkok. Glory is a small International school run by 7th Day Adventists, and has been open for 9 months (we're approaching the end of the first school year since the Thai school year runs through March/April). My maximum class size? 6. We have 6 1st graders, 4 2nd graders and 2 3rd graders.

I'm really excited by the opportunity to work in a small class environment and really have an impact on my student's lives. The people running the school seem genuinely interested in making the school the best possible and not just making money. The starting salary is a little less than I would have liked, and I probably could have played hard ball to get more starting, but its hard to try to take advantage of a school I'm really looking forward to being a part of (that also only has 12 people). Salary is also going to be renegotiated at the end of my 3 month probationary period. So we'll see where that goes.

Along with that I also apartment! And more importantly my apartment is not just within walking distance from the school, it is right across the street (literally). My commute is all of thirty seconds, door to door. And the cost is less than I had budgeted at about 4320 baht per month including water, internet and building maintenance but not including electricity (which is 7 baht per unit). And for those keeping track that comes to roughly 128 dollars per month at an exchange rate of 34 baht to the dollar, plus 21 cents per unit of electricity. And its right across the street from work.

The long awaited picture post will come later, I promise, but the news so far is good. Sweet!



  1. Congratulations! It sounds like a great job and that things are working out well for you

  2. Awsome! It sounds like a great opportunity. So, it is Monday morning and 6 first graders look at you with smiling faces and say "good morning Mr. Parker." what's next? :-)

  3. AbFab!!! Helene says Lucky students, lucky school, lucky you. Teaching and changing lives is miraculous. Find and read the first book written by Pat Conroy. He also wrote The Great Santini and The Prince of Tides. This book helped me to form much of my philosophy of teaching.

  4. I have to say it was odd to see that I had posted a comment prior to me actually having read your blog. I had a moment of stunned blinking then clicked on the profile of "Spike" and determined that the comment was left by another Spike. You have a rich life, Uji, with multiple Spikes!

    Wonderful news about your job and commute! Sounds like your commute is shorter than ours! I look forward to pictures!

    Mistress Spike (hee hee!)

  5. Dear Matthew,

    My son the teacher - I do like the sound of that. All of your extended Parker clan has been notified, and they all send their congratulations!

    Your Aunt Ann (also recently employed, to her great delight) is all atwitter and sends that she is "very proud of you." Me too!

    Love (ahem, an email sometime would be nice)


  6. Dear Matthew,

    I have visited the School's website - it is such a nice facility. The kids are adorable. I know that you will be very busy, but please post an account of your first day - and how you felt standing in front of a class for the first time.

    I am thrilled for you!



  7. Congrats! Work hard, smile often.
    You might share a foreign word or two on your blog to extend your teaching expertise to your fans. Like what is the word for "smile" in Thai?


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